MP supports parents of Llantwit Schools

January 31, 2014

Scores of parents, pupils and local residents turned out to show their opposition to the closure of Eagleswell School in Llantwit Major on Saturday. They had turned out to meet local MP Alun Cairns and to voice their opposition at the Vale Council’s plans to close their school.

Both the campaign group and Mr Cairns have stressed their view that they are strongly in favour of a new building for Llantwit Comprehensive school. They have expressed concern that the case for a new build for the secondary school is conditional on closure of Eagleswell and Llanulltud Fawr primary schools. Mr Cairns and the campaign group have said that this is unacceptable and that other school rebuilds have not been conditional on the selloff of primary sites.

Mr Cairns commented:

“I’m very concerned about the current proposals to merge Eagleswell and Llanilltud Fawr Primary Schools. They are both successful community schools in their own right. There is also something very special about smaller schools, where a very close relationship is formed with the pupils, parents, teachers and the community.

“We are calling on the community to voice their concern and want to work to ensure that Llantwit Major is not being taken for granted. I know that the campaign group want to work closely with local councillors.

“After significant challenges, all at Eagleswell have worked tirelessly and are looking forward a very favourable Estyn report shortly. This should reflect the hard work that goes on in the school.

“The proposed site for the new school presents a number of issues in the Ham Lane area – these relate to traffic flow, parking issue and that coupled with the expansion of Welsh School to put another school in this area will only create further chaos, confusion and increase the traffic nightmare.

“The parents I have spoken to are against the plans and are currently forming a campaign so their views can be heard. I have spoken to the Governing Bodies of both schools who are also in support of the schools remaining open.

“These schools are the centre of many communities and closure would leave a gaping hole in local community life.

“There is a strong case for improvements to the buildings of each primary school but these could be achieved at a modest cost. All I have spoken to are united in their support to redevelop Llantwit Secondary School.

“I am doing all I can to help support the parents, governors and teachers with their campaigns to oppose the proposed changes.”


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